We are very excited to have finally launched our new website design after months in development! You’ll see things are looking pretty spiffy around here and we feel all the hard work has finally paid off. We were a little bit shy to the idea of recreating our website at first because we knew what a large undertaking it would be. To completely re-design, re-create, and move everything and everyone over to a new design and code base was a huge learning experience, for sure.

Of course, the true test of a website is whether it satisfies the needs and desires of its users. So before we began to design the site we spent a good deal of time listening to visitors and customers. What we discovered may seem obvious but proved invaluable as we started to develop our new web presence. We found that many users were uncertain of how many metres they required to cover their wall/s and although we have always provided estimates via email we felt it would be beneficial if our customer could calculate quantity required via our website. Hence the introduction of our handy online wallpaper calculator, which allows website visitors to calculate quantity required within seconds. From user feedback we also discovered that many people felt the site was a little “messy”. One of our top priorities was to create a clean and organised website which allowed users to easily navigate to information and pages of interest.

A few of our goals with the new website were to make it faster, easier to navigate for users, and easier for us to manage/update. Most of all, we wanted to help our clients get to know us better. If you take a gander around the site we think you’ll get a pretty good idea of who we are and what we do as a company. The site is also responsive, so it should give you a good experience whether you are accessing the site using a desktop computer, tablet or mobile.

The site we’re launching today represents the first step towards a much more ambitious end result. We’re already planning the next phase of the site and hope to release these over the next few months.

As always, if you have any questions or need help you can contact us at info@glitterbugwallpaper.co.uk. We’re also extremely keen to hear your feedback. What do you like or dislike about the new site? What would you like to find here in future? Please leave us some thoughts in the comments section below.